Timeline: March – June 2022
Role: Brand Designer, Video Editor
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Figma, Numbers
Field: Branding, IT Infrastructure, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Compute Virtualization, Enterprise Cloud

时间:2022 年 3 月 — 6 月
工具:Adobe After Effects、Figma、Numbers
领域:品牌、IT 基础架构、超融合基础设施、计算虚拟化、企业云

Collaborated with the marketing team to write copy and ensure logical framing of information; used Figma to create storyboards and high fidelity graphics; created information architecture forms and used them as the basis for presenting the film to music design vendors; used form scoring to provide efficient feedback on how similar the music samples were to what was expected; created videos in Adobe After Effects and kept engineering files well organized.

与市场团队协同撰写文字稿件,确保信息框架的逻辑性;利用 Figma 绘制故事板和高保真画面;制作信息架构表格,并以此为基础向音乐设计承包商介绍影片;利用表格评分,高效反馈音乐设计样品与预期的相似度;在 Adobe After Effects 中制作视频,并保持工程文件井然有序。

Unlike the last product video, I didn’t just consider the end viewer's experience, but also structured and systematized the narrative, visual symbols, brand expressions, music, engineering files, etc., connecting different areas in a complex coordinate system and serving to create a cohesive brand, rather than working on a single point and focusing on only one aspect of it.


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