This Keynote was showed at the Nike Landlord Summit 2017 in Shanghai to help Nike executives introduce Nike’s business development and vision to retailers.

I worked with the team from Beijing in the Nike Shanghai Office Park for several weeks to complete the keynote design. In the later stage of the design, we tested the display effect of keynote on the spot, and adjusted the design for the optimization of large screen display.

This keynote design contains many high-quality photos and videos, as well as animation effects. The size of the entire file is more than 3GB. Therefore, it is not easy to show its full effect on the Web. But I will continue to try different ways to restore its rendering effect on the Web.

Now, I’ll present the main pages in this Keynote in the form of pictures or videos.

Above is the complete first speaker’s section. Next, for the rest, I’ll extract some representative pages, not all of them.