Timeline: June – August 2021
Role: Product Designer (Web)
Tools: Figma, Xcode (As a front-end code editor), Adobe Photoshop
Field: Web, UX, Interaction, Motion, Information Architecture

时间:2021 年 6 月 – 8 月
工具:Figma、Xcode(作为前端代码编辑器)、Adobe Photoshop

I worked with the marketing team to explore the storytelling of web content, and built the information architecture. Explored appropriate interaction forms for presenting, and created interactive prototypes for stakeholders to try out. Incorporated feedback to improve designs. Created responsive web interfaces for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Delivered assets to front-end engineers and checked the effects of the implementation.

与市场团队协同工作,共同探讨网页内容的叙事方式。构建内容的信息架构。探寻合适的交互形式来呈现信息,并创建可交互的 Web 原型,提供给利益相关者试用。结合反馈改进设计。创建从手机、平板到桌面电脑的响应式网页界面。面向前端工程师交付开发文件,并检查实现效果。

Prototype Demonstration


China Mainland (Simplified Chinese) Version


Click here to see an interactive prototype. You can also try adjusting the width of your browser window, or rotating your device, to see the responsive design in effect.