Virtual Machine Migration Tool

I stayed in close contact with the team throughout the process, from understanding and defining problems, designing prototypes and visua...

A Product Video for “VM Migration Tool”

I always put the viewer’s feelings first and kept close cooperation with the team during the process, from planning videos, writing na...

Keynote Design for Nike Landlord Summit 2017

This Keynote was showed at the Nike Landlord Summit 2017 in Shanghai to help introduce Nike’s business development and vision to retailers.

Messages UI CSS for Web

A CSS, that is looks like iMessage bubble interface, helps people quickly present valuable views and dialogues on the web.

Nike+ Beijing AR Map

Design an AR-friendly map for marketing team about presenting sales volumes in a form of augmented reality.

A Web Media Controller

This is a copy of a media controller for WebKit browser. It has a simple modern appearance and efficient interaction design. I tried to implement this design on my website.

Book Video for “But Beautiful: A Book About Jazz”

Co-created the book video for the Chinese translation of “But Beautiful: A Book About Jazz”.

Magazine Design for “自在”

Design of magazines for the school art troupe during college.

Podcast Brand for Lux-ris

A podcast talked about luxury products, is now available for subscription on Apple Podcasts.

Inkjet Printing Poster Design for Publishing Science Ceremony

Constructing artistic symbols for the theme of publishing. The inspiration of graphics comes from CMYK color mode.